Why do people say 'laughter is the best medicine?'
  • Because laughter makes us feel good.
  •  Laughter relieves stress and it relaxes.
  •  Laughter is healthy.
  •  It mobilizes T-lymphocytes which fight disease.
  • It Increases productivity &  team feeling
  • It results in reduced absenteeism & anxiety

 "Ha Ha leads to Aha"
This leads to greater job satisfaction, and consequently, happier clients, colleagues, family and friends.
What better prescription for a full, joyful life— a life worth living
The beneficial effects of  laughter in the workplace.

Laughter is metabolic rehabilitation; it puts a sparkle in the hormonal system. Like inner jogging, laughter does for the mind what exercise does for the cardio-vascular system. And laughter leads to learning. Laughter is the shortest distance between two people; it cultivates communication.

 If you love your job & the people with whom you are doing it, you never have to go to work!