Session with the Doctor


Chris teaches his audiences how to:

Create environments which foster good humour, respect, caring and nurturing.

Foster self-esteem & eliminate negative thinking.

Access their inner child... and get them out playing!

Give them permission to be funny, humorous, playful and spontaneous. 

What does Chris talk about?

Living with Laughter; There's no Life Like It!!
Laughter is guaranteed to shorten the distance between two people, cultivate more effective communication and reduce stress. Effective use of humour allows people to laugh together, play together and stay together in healthy, productive and cohesive units. Chris Johnson is an internationally renowned speaker on humour in the workplace and shares the secrets of how humour and laughter can help create caring environments, reduce animosity among co-workers and assists in building healthier and more productive workplace cultures. Chris' presentation is a delightful blend of stand-up comedy, interaction and education, creatively designed to illustrate the life-long benefits of choosing laughter as a lifestyle choice

From Baseball to Business: Coaching in the Workplace
oin Chris as he draws on twenty-five years of experience in educating over 10,000 coaches from over 40 different sports. Chris will explore the various strategies used, whether from the soccer field, baseball diamond or in the Board room. Coaching is more than improving skill, it is effecting change in values, attitudes, knowledge and beliefs; it is based on developing positive self images as opposed to developing only excellence in performance. Come and learn how to give effective feedback, use visualization skills and imagery, as well as how to employ simple goal-setting and team-building skills.

Team Building - It's more than just meetings!
Just as in the building of a tower using playing cards or
dominoes, one piece out of position can destroy the whole effort-the whole project can come tumbling down around your ears. Perhaps this principle applies in the work place as well. Success in any organization requires trust, cooperation, and communication with a little touch of respect for your fellow human being thrown in. This is an active workshop,based on the principle"We learn best by doing, not sitting around talking about it!", and Laughter leads to learning.

'With humour and heart'
Explore strategies which allow families to play together, and hence, stay together. Whether "the family" is in the office, department, factory or home.

The Doctor Is In...Touch.
Speaking from a personal and professional point of view,
Chris Johnson’s workshops are similar to a stand up comedy performance.

Like any good doctor, Chris Johnson  
advocates preventive medicine.

Attendance at his seminar "Restoring humour and humanity in the work place." leaves participants feeling energized, rejuvenated, and equipped to care for the health of their own funny-bone.

As a result of training over 10,000 community coaches, he also presents 'Coaching in the work place'. A powerful presentation based on the sound principles of sport coaching and how they transfer to the workplace.

 An interactive fun seminar on team building and cooperative games like 'Mini Olympics'. The presentation which pits country against each other in a highly educational, motivational  session that leaves the participants 'smiling & sweating'.