If you or your co-workers suffer...
from one or more of the symptoms mentioned, seek immediate attention from an experienced Doctor of Humour or risk the more serious complications of hardening of the attitudes and osteoporosis of the funny bone which could lead to death, or worse, a very long life.

The Symptoms...

The blahs, the blues, and persistent frowning
Undue stress/anxiety/depression/confusion
Lack of "giggleitus"
Anal retentiveness
Atrophy of the chuckle muscle
Chronic political correctness
Morale at a low ebbitus
Cerebral stiffness
Foot-in-mouth disease
Hardening of the attitudes
Terminal tightness

Many of these symptoms are caused by childhood diseases brought on by comments such as:

"Wipe that smile off your face or I'll send you to the principal's office"
"When are you going to grow up"
"Stop being so childish"
"Stop clowning around"
"So, you think it's funny"